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February Noggin and Natter Night

A good night on Thursday with 13 of us in the committee room including 4 visitors.  Good to see Jim, G4XTE and Ron, G3OTE again.

G4DZU brought along  a copy of the Japanese equivalent of RadCom with an article about his EME station with photographs. Text was hard to understand though!

G4MLW brought the touch paddle and keyer he has made for the club shack.

February Night on the Air

Thursday 7th February we had a “Night on the Air” with Doug, G4DZU and John, G3TSA bringing some interesting pieces of equipment along for us to look at. We were able to compare a modern, inexpensive L/C meter with a more traditional, and much more expensive, model, see a versatile “spy” video camera and a Raspberry Pi computer.

Thanks also to Ian, G7DWY for bringing along his KX3 and demonstrating it to visitors. A very enjoyable evening.