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Remote operation – a talk by John Regnault, G4SWX

On Thursday November 2nd, 2017 Spen Valley amateur radio society are delighted to welcome John Regnault, G4SWX who is going to repeat and embellish a talk which he gave at this years RSGB National Hamfest entitled

“Remote station operation: Technology choices”

Further information is as follows:

The technology to support remote operation of amateur stations is developing and many possible solutions are around.
John G4SWX, who has run a remote home station for the last six years will review the technology options in the light of the amateur licence conditions.
John will then show some relatively simple options to add remote mains switching and metering to what would otherwise be ‘always on’ and ‘lacking in control’ systems. John will also explore why remote multi-user club stations have not yet appeared.
To accompany the talk John will have a selection of remote station equipment and 3G network permitting he will run demonstrations using his LF/HF/VHF station in the wilds of Suffolk.
John, G4SWX has been licenced since 1971. He specialises in hardcore VHF DXing having worked over 1200 different amateur stations in 138 countries via moonbounce and is currently the RSGB’s VHF manager.


As usual, there is no charge to attend this talk, and visitors who are not members are welcome to attend.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the secretary, whose details appear on the contacts page. 

Directions to the club are on 

Club Meeting 04-05-2017 – a talk by Gordon, G0EWN – “Lightwave communication”

This evenings meeting was the first meeting of the year with a guest speaker, Gordon Fiander, G0EWN, who spoke about his experimentation in communication by light.

The LED light source demonstrated by G0EWN
The LED light source demonstrated by G0EWN

Using a high powered LED light source Gordon and Barry (G8AGN) hold the UK distance records for communication over a path of 120+ kilometers.

G0EWN's LED transmitter
G0EWN’s LED transmitter

The main issues to overcome are light pollution and aiming accuracy, though the available bandwidth means many different modes can be used.

This was a fascinating evening, enjoyed by all members who attended. The committee would also like to note that Gordon requested that we donate his “expenses” for the evening to the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organistation, which we happily did. More details can be found at

Club Meeting 05-05-2016 – Cuba on CW

With nothing special planned the members met for a “noggin and natter night”, but this time we decided to open up the shack.

Tuning around 17m, chairman Ian, G7DWY found CO8LY on C.W. Eduardo in Santiago de Cuba. The only problem was no key!

We have two keys, but no-one got around to putting a plug on the keyer, and the Junkers straight key had the wrong plug. Plug found the Junkers was rewired and much to the amusement of all Ian called….

On the Third call, a QRZ. Repeat the call a couple of times and hey presto, CO8LY in the log (followed by a round of applause from the members!!!)

Come and see us one week – we are usually friendly….

Club Meeting 19-11-15 – DMR is GO!

This eveing, Michael, G1XCC brought a Motorola DMR repeater to demonstrate.
 Set up in literally five minutes, connected to a wifi router and a 4G mobile phone the repeater logged on to the network over the internet and instantly we had world wide coverage from a hand held radio!

Not at all bad from a UHF hand held – listening to a USA station talking to an Italian! 

The preffered antenna for site is a unity gain as the repeaters are internet linked and auto roam to the strongest signal, so it’s better to use low gain aerial with a good low take off angle.
Thank you, for the demonstration, Michael.

If you would like any further information on the “”Yorkshire FM & DMR repeater group (formely the five towns repeater group)” please visit their website .

AGM report

Thursday 13th January saw the AGM of the Spen Valley Amateur Radio Society, and it was nice to see our full membership turn out on a cold, miserable evening. Not only that, but we were joined by a number of prospective new members.

There were a number of topics discussed after the end of proceedings including prospective talks for the coming year.

As always, some interesting things were passed between members including this tuneable filter that Dave, G4IDR is going to be using to try and reduce the interference and breakthrough he experiences on 2m when operating on EME.


Talks Program Q4 2014

We are currently organising the 2014/15 talks program. Generally, we break from having regular talks over the summer months when members are on holiday, so please check back here regularly for the new calendar.

But why not join us on the first and third Thursdays of the month for a noggin and natter night? There is usually all sorts being discussed from Microwave EME through contesting and DX on HF and VHF, Aerials and general electronics. There’s even talk about none radio related things!

Please come and see us soon!