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Amateur radio news snippets we’ve come across.

Remote operation – a talk by John Regnault, G4SWX

On Thursday November 2nd, 2017 Spen Valley amateur radio society are delighted to welcome John Regnault, G4SWX who is going to repeat and embellish a talk which he gave at this years RSGB National Hamfest entitled

“Remote station operation: Technology choices”

Further information is as follows:

The technology to support remote operation of amateur stations is developing and many possible solutions are around.
John G4SWX, who has run a remote home station for the last six years will review the technology options in the light of the amateur licence conditions.
John will then show some relatively simple options to add remote mains switching and metering to what would otherwise be ‘always on’ and ‘lacking in control’ systems. John will also explore why remote multi-user club stations have not yet appeared.
To accompany the talk John will have a selection of remote station equipment and 3G network permitting he will run demonstrations using his LF/HF/VHF station in the wilds of Suffolk.
John, G4SWX has been licenced since 1971. He specialises in hardcore VHF DXing having worked over 1200 different amateur stations in 138 countries via moonbounce and is currently the RSGB’s VHF manager.


As usual, there is no charge to attend this talk, and visitors who are not members are welcome to attend.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the secretary, whose details appear on the contacts page. 

Directions to the club are on 

OFCOM announce “Interference” consultation

OFCOM have announced a consulatation document regarding interference to readio users, their summary of which is:

“This document sets out Ofcom’s consultation on draft regulations for new wireless telegraphy legislation, intended to keep pace with technological advances to control interference.
Electrical and electronic apparatus are capable of emitting electromagnetic energy. In most cases, this is minimal and has no noticeable negative effects. However, in some cases the level of energy emitted from apparatus can cause interference to wireless communications.
Ofcom has powers to take enforcement action in instances where some types of electrical or electronic apparatus causes undue interference to wireless communications.
The proposed regulations are intended to be more resilient to technical developments.
The deadline for responses to this consultation is 16 February 2015.”

All radio amateurs are urged to read and respond to the consultation document before the deadline

The document can be found at

Talks Calendar – Winter 2012/13

We have now been able to finalise our talks schedule for the coming “Winter” season. Talks are at the first Meeting of the month. Guests and non members are very welcome. Our regular meetings take place in the committee room at the old bank club, however, this room holds a practical maximum of 20 people. To enable us to arrange to use the larger concert room for the more popular talks, could you please indicate your intention to attend to the secretary?

Our schedule is currently:

Sept 6: “ABC – SDR” – A layman’s guide to software defined radio by Ian, G7DWY
Oct.4th: Real time HF propagation prediction by Ian, M0INB
Nov 1st: SDR – IQ and CW Skimmer by Doug, G4DZU
Dec 6th: Fun Cube Dongle by Doug, G4DZU
Jan 3rd (or 10th?): AGM
Feb 7th: Club night on the air

Coming soon – Paper Chasing – A guide to awards by Ian, G4MLW

New talks program about to be released

A new program of club talks will be announced in the coming days, including demonstrations and technical descriptions of Software Defined Radio for both HF and VHF.

The talks are usually at the club meeting on the first Thursday of the month.

More information very soon

Sporadic “E” 2012 up and running!

At last! (they all cry) the sporadic “E” season appears to have started in earnest, with Es events happening on 50Mhz most days this week.

Screen capture from

Openings have been getting up to these latitudes, with G7DWY working into Spain (EA) and Italy (I) during the last couple of days.

More southerly latitudes have benefited from multi-hop Es, or Es / TEP to work into South America and Africa.

If you want to know what is happening, there is no substitute for sitting at a radio and tuning up and down the band, but good information can be gleaned from DX clusters, and VHF chats such as ON4KST.

Screen capture from

Going a stage further, though, Gabriel EA6VQ has created the “DXSherlock” website which shows a graphical representation of ionosonde data showing the MUF and Es clouds, also the site lists activity by band – well worth a look if you are a HF or VHF operator.

Working Es is simple – you don’t need big antennae or high power (though they can both help!) In 2011 I had a 10 minute conversation with a German station who was absolutely end stop with me, and only running 10w!

Have a listen out – you never know what you might hear!

Kenwood unveil the new TS-990

Pre launch picture of the new TS990

JVC KENWOOD Corporation is proud to announce that the prototype of a state-of-the-art Amateur transceiver scheduled for worldwide launch under the Kenwood brand in the winter of 2012 will be unveiled as a reference exhibit at Dayton Hamvention 2012 to be held in Dayton, Ohio, USA (May 18-20). It will also appear at events in Germany and Japan.

Featuring a dual TFT display and dual receiver, the TS-990 is a top-of-the-range flagship model in the Kenwood Amateur radio line-up.
Prior to the launch of the TS-990, a prototype will be displayed as a reference exhibit at Dayton Hamvention 2012 in Dayton, Ohio, USA (May 18-20), at HAM RADIO 2012 in Friedrichshafen, Germany (June 22-24), and at Ham Fair 2012 in Tokyo, Japan (August 25-26).

Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change without notice. Basic specification is believed to include:

Output Power: 5W ~ 200W
Built-in Switching Power Supply
Built-in Antenna Tuner
Com port, USB A/B port and LAN Port