OFCOM announce “Interference” consultation

OFCOM have announced a consulatation document regarding interference to readio users, their summary of which is:

“This document sets out Ofcom’s consultation on draft regulations for new wireless telegraphy legislation, intended to keep pace with technological advances to control interference.
Electrical and electronic apparatus are capable of emitting electromagnetic energy. In most cases, this is minimal and has no noticeable negative effects. However, in some cases the level of energy emitted from apparatus can cause interference to wireless communications.
Ofcom has powers to take enforcement action in instances where some types of electrical or electronic apparatus causes undue interference to wireless communications.
The proposed regulations are intended to be more resilient to technical developments.
The deadline for responses to this consultation is 16 February 2015.”

All radio amateurs are urged to read and respond to the consultation document before the deadline

The document can be found at http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/undueinterference/

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