Club meeting 05-02-2015

There was no planned “event” for this evening’s meeting, but we ended up with eight members and one non member visiting.

Ian, G7DWY brought along a hot air soldering station and decided to modify the club HF radio, a Kenwood TS570D so it covered the whole of 40m and 60m – something that we have been discussing for a while now. The process was simple enough – it took more time to strip the radio than it did to remove the resistor! The picture is of the radio after the resistor had been removed.


David, G3PTU brought along an SWR / Power meter which he bought from a rally for next to nothing as ‘none working’ it turned out that the meter movement was faulty, but soon replaced and life was once more breathed into it!


Trevor, G6XTZ brought along his new Motorola DMR handheld for people to play with and Tony, M5AIB brough his laptop and a couple of radios to program, but we ran out of time, so this may be carried over to the next meeting.

At the next meeting, if things go according to plan, Stuart, G0TAL will be bringing his FT847 to receive the same treatment as the clubs rig did this week and hopefully Tony will be bringing his programming equipment….. If you would like to come along to a meeting, drop a line to the secretary on just turn up.

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