Club Meeting 03-03-2015

Whilst there was no formal talk this evening, we had a wide array of interesting items brought in for people to look at and play with.

John Denby, G3TSA brought in a number of items, the first of which was a home made power meter that he made many years ago, but is still fully operational

Capable of measuring from milliwatts directly up to hundreds of watts using the directional coupler:

Next up from John were some ex-equipment 50v DC 750 w power supplies made by lucent technologies. There are ideal for the latest generation of LDMOS RF amplifiers using devices such as the BLF 278, or with a couple of supplies in parallel the larger device like the BLF578XR or MRF6PV1K25 which are capable of RF outputs into the kilowatts!

John also brought a rather beautifully made electronic barometer which is probably ex military, and still fully working

Michael, G1XCC brought a long a high quality optical gun sight, good for ranging items over a kilometer away. A number of members took a look, and conversation turned to the possibility of using it for sighting a light modulation project between local hill tops.

As always the conversation were many and varied. Please come along to the next meeting, which will be on thursday March 19th.

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