Club Meeting 19-03-2015

Well, another evening with no official agenda, but as usual there were a number of interesting items brought in for people to peruse, play with and generally explore.

John, G3TSA brought a box full of ex-equipment coils for people to take if they desired. A few bits and pieces went home with new owners…

He also brough a dead valve – an amperex 7092 which when it was operational would develop about 1.5kW output on the HF bands (post meeting note – John was obviously being conservative! – the 7092 is rated to 2.5kW at 50 Mhz!!!)- Not any more though.

David, G4IDR brought some screenshots of his latest 144Mhz EME conquest – working the falkland islands DXpedition using a single yagi and 400w. Well done!

Unfortunately, Dave suffers from RF issues from a local commercial mast, so Douglas, G4DZU and Ian, G7DWY brought him a selection of preamplifiers and filters to try to see if any have a marked effect.

Conversations around the table varied from DC connectors, HF valve and solid state amplifiers, homebrewing  RF bits and bobs.

Please come along to the next meeting 

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