Club Meeting 04-05-2017 – a talk by Gordon, G0EWN – “Lightwave communication”

This evenings meeting was the first meeting of the year with a guest speaker, Gordon Fiander, G0EWN, who spoke about his experimentation in communication by light.

The LED light source demonstrated by G0EWN
The LED light source demonstrated by G0EWN

Using a high powered LED light source Gordon and Barry (G8AGN) hold the UK distance records for communication over a path of 120+ kilometers.

G0EWN's LED transmitter
G0EWN’s LED transmitter

The main issues to overcome are light pollution and aiming accuracy, though the available bandwidth means many different modes can be used.

This was a fascinating evening, enjoyed by all members who attended. The committee would also like to note that Gordon requested that we donate his “expenses” for the evening to the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organistation, which we happily did. More details can be found at

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