Members Biographies

We thought you might like to get to know a few of our members! Each member can have a page on the site if they wish. Each of these pages is hyper – linked from here.

If a member has chosen not to write a biography, the page will only display a link to their page.

Ian Jones – G4MLW

Tim Clough – G4PHR – Treasurer

Russell Wilde – G0FOI – Secretary

Ian Barraclough – G7DWY / M0INB – Chairman

Roy Benbow – G4YDI


Anthony Galvin – G8YZR / G0IKD

Trevor Jarvis – G6XTZ

Alan Kent – M0XAK

Michael Leveridge – M0LEV

Michael Lockwood – G1XCC

Andy Sieroslawski – G4XKC

Stuart Walsworth – G0TAL

John Denby – G3TSA

Douglas Parker – G4DZU

Jim Johnson – G4XTE

Dave Redman – G4IDR

Richard Bailey – G0IAX

Mark Moore – M6UBR

Tony Whiteoak – M5AIB





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