Ian Barraclough

Hello! I am Ian Barraclough, G7DWY / M0INB. Currently, I hold the post of “Membership Secretary”, and I am trying to attract new members to the club which is beginning to flourish once more.

So far the main function of this activity is to try and publicise the club name through competing in the RSGB’s VHF UK activity contests, and organise the hosting of this website (please visit our sponsors).

My main radio interest is VHF DX, and I am active on 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm. In the period April 2011 to Dec 2012, I logged over 4000 contacts on VHF using Tropo, Sporadic E, Aurora and Meteor Scatter propagation. Below are the maps of these contacts by band:

On 6m, 1919 contacts, Best DX 28/05/2011, NP4A, 6749km

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On 4m, 480 contacts, Best DX 26/05/2011, EA8YT, 3046km

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On 2m, 1676 contacts, Best DX 07/05/2011, EA1RJ, 1367km (you may notice there are some QSO’s over longer distances, but these were through satellites, and I do no count them towards the “best DX”)

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On 70cm, 426 contacts, Best DX 11/09/2012, F8BRK, 513km

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For more information about my radio activities, please visit my QRZ webpages, G7DWY and M0INB.

My private website is now back up and running – there are a few things to look at, but it’s pretty slow to load. Have a look at HERE

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