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Club Meeting 05 September 2013

Another evening with no fixed format, but at least it was a club night, unlike last week ( when G0TAL & G7DWY turned up !).

We were visited by Richard, G6RFL, and an evening of discussion and debate ensued.

G7DWY brought a 4m low pass filter and directional coupler PCB which he bought for his ongoing amplifier project…


… And a 23cms 2C39 amplifier he has acquired….


Please feel free to come along to the next meeting!

Club Meeting 15/08/2013

This evenings meeting was just pencilled in as a ‘noggin and natter night, but we started with a bit more of a radio theme…..

Stuart, G0TAL has decided to get rid of some of his old radio equipment that is sat gathering dust in the attic, but before being listed on eBay, it needed testing to ensure it worked ok….

To this end Ian, G7DWY brought his Bird Thruline power meter and Doug, G4DZU provided an element to cover the HF bands.

The radio was then tested on transmit into a 50ohm dummy load, and the results were pretty good with the radio delivering its full rated output on the HF bands, but being a little down on VHF – it probably needs a little tuning.

We then connected it to the club aerial and verified reception on the HF bands.

The meeting continued, debating many diverse subjects, not all radio related, but all of interest.

As the meeting was finishing, I turned up the volume control on the club HF rig and had a tune around 17m (18Mhz). One call got a response from Tony VE3AXW in Brantford, near Toronto in Canada. Not bad for a non resonant dipole and 100w!



Time and Frequency Standards – a talk by G4DZU

This evenings meeting has been a talk by Doug, G4DZU about time and frequency standards.
The talk focused on Doug’s quest for a reliable frequency standard, and how this had progressed from his early forays on 2m in the early 1970’s, and the acquisition of different types and accuracies of standards through his amateur radio life, culminating in the current standard locked to an accuracy of 1Hz in 10Ghz – useful for 23cms EME!

Two different ways of getting a frequency standard with differing accuracy

Doug then went on to cover how to lock modern radio equipment to a GPS based frequency standard and the importance of time synchronisation in modern digital modes – very enlightening.

Please feel free to come along to any of our organised talks, and many thanks to Doug for this evenings informative and interactive presentation.

Club Meeting 02-May-2013

Unfortunately Ian G4MLW had to postpone his talk on paperchasing. Hopefully this is to be rescheduled in the near future.

This week we had a number of items for all to inspect, comment on, dissect and generally rip apart.

John, G3TSA brought a SWR power meter from that bastion of radio “Zetagi” which has been rebuilt to be something approaching useable.


Douglas G4DZU brought a directional coupler of a little more professional quality…


Ian G7DWY brought a 4m low pass filter and a selection of kits from W6PQL…


And Stuart, G0TAL brought his sparkling personality!

Come and pay us a visit some time…..

Club Meeting 18 April 2013

Another nicely attended meeting this week, even though there was no official talk.

A few visitors and prospective members as well as some of the regular Stalwarts. Once again John, G3TSA brought an interesting piece – a 1980’s band three power amplifier. These were installed up and down the country and formed the trunked mobile radio service.


Andy G4XKC paid us a long overdue visit and was discussing his portable antennas that he used to good effect in the UKAC’s last year.

Come and pay us a visit and join in the ‘banter’….

Club Meeting 20-03-2013

Another bumper turnout of new and prospective members this evening, and more always welcome!

Douglas, G4DZU brought a Hewlett Packard HP8970A noise figure meter and a 70cms preamplifier to demonstrate – thanks Doug!

We look forward to welcoming you to the next meeting.


PW QRP Contest Anybody?

Does anyone fancy having a go at one of the PW QRP contests this year? Post a reply on the chatroom or leave a comment and we’ll see if we can get a contest team together.

Now….QRP contest…..I wonder if I can get my little amplifier project finished by then??!!??

Didn't the rules say 3kW ?!?!?!

February Noggin and Natter Night

A good night on Thursday with 13 of us in the committee room including 4 visitors.  Good to see Jim, G4XTE and Ron, G3OTE again.

G4DZU brought along  a copy of the Japanese equivalent of RadCom with an article about his EME station with photographs. Text was hard to understand though!

G4MLW brought the touch paddle and keyer he has made for the club shack.