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February Night on the Air

Thursday 7th February we had a “Night on the Air” with Doug, G4DZU and John, G3TSA bringing some interesting pieces of equipment along for us to look at. We were able to compare a modern, inexpensive L/C meter with a more traditional, and much more expensive, model, see a versatile “spy” video camera and a Raspberry Pi computer.

Thanks also to Ian, G7DWY for bringing along his KX3 and demonstrating it to visitors. A very enjoyable evening.

Talks Calendar – Winter 2012/13

We have now been able to finalise our talks schedule for the coming “Winter” season. Talks are at the first Meeting of the month. Guests and non members are very welcome. Our regular meetings take place in the committee room at the old bank club, however, this room holds a practical maximum of 20 people. To enable us to arrange to use the larger concert room for the more popular talks, could you please indicate your intention to attend to the secretary?

Our schedule is currently:

Sept 6: “ABC – SDR” – A layman’s guide to software defined radio by Ian, G7DWY
Oct.4th: Real time HF propagation prediction by Ian, M0INB
Nov 1st: SDR – IQ and CW Skimmer by Doug, G4DZU
Dec 6th: Fun Cube Dongle by Doug, G4DZU
Jan 3rd (or 10th?): AGM
Feb 7th: Club night on the air

Coming soon – Paper Chasing – A guide to awards by Ian, G4MLW

Club Meeting – 17-05-2012

One of our more “relaxed” meeting nights, this time. Ian, G4MLW, Russell, G0FOI and Mick, 2E0LEV will be practicing morse code from about 19:30 in the committee room.

The rest of the attending members usually meet in the bar and then move to the club room after 20:00. Andy, the Old Bank Club steward will point you in the right direction if you are coming for the first time.

The “radio shack” will be open for use by members, so listen out for G3SVC or G7CSV!


Meeting 03-05-2012 review

In the first May meeting we viewed a presentation put together by Peter Day, G3PHO on the G7FEK multiband antenna. Trevor, G6XTZ has made one of these aerials, and his findings were much in line with the presentation, which can be found HERE.

Ian, G7DWY, brought a selection of aerial manufacturing components that he has purchased / had made for his forthcoming aerial upgrade, and also for the new club 2m beam, which is a design by Derek Hilleard – G4CQM.

Before the main meeting, the morse course continued, with Ian – G4MLW, Russell – G0FOI and Mick – 2E0LEV in attendance.

For further information about any up coming events, please check the website regularly, or contact the club secretary.

Club Meetings

We meet on the FIRST and THIRD Thursdays of the month, at approximately 20:00, usually in the committee room of the Old Bank Club.

Please feel free to come down and join us.

Talks and meeting away from this schedule will be posted on this page